Points are awarded to player in various ways:

Win, Draw or lose at home or away

Where you finish the night within your teams pins hit

Spares hit

Progressing through the cup rounds


Points as they stand at the moment

Home Win: 3

Home Draw: 2

Home Loss: -1

Away Win: 4

Away Draw: 2

Away Loss: 0

Player Rank Highest to lowest Pins: 6 down to 1

Each Spare Hit: 1

Bonus Cup Pts: 5


Possible highest score a player could get in 1 match:

Away Win 4

Cup Match RD2 onwards 5

Highest score in team 6

Spare every hand 6

TOTAL 21 points in 1 night


Possible End Of Season Bouns Points For:

Most Spares Hit On A Home Alley +15 points

Most Spares Hit On An Away Alley +10 points

Most Spares Hit Any Alley +10 points

Fantasy Skittler Top Points Scorer +20 points




How a team can be created


A Fantasy Skittlers Team is made up of 6 players from the participating

Stoke League Teams.


These are so far:

Balls in Hand

Friday Rejects


Jacket Spuds

Liquor & Poker

Porn Stars

Petes Pirates


Tintinhull Boys


 You can only choose One Skittler from a Stoke Skittle Team to be in

your Skittlers Team.


 Players have been ranked according to their scores within their Stoke Teams

as from 18th Oct 2012.


You have a whopping budget of up to £40.00 to spend on

choosing your Fantasy Skittlers Team.