SKITTLERS - 11-01-07
MATCH REPORT: 11-01-07 
League Match - Lost

Clash of the bottom 2 teams, only pin difference was separating at the beginning of the night. To be fair we played quite well. 43 was the lowest by Dex and 50 the highest by Coll. We just kept losing by a few pins each hand and then by the end of the night we needed 2 BIG hands to get back in with a chance, 57 on the fifth but could not keep that pace up and only a 44 on the last.
Well now firmly rooted at the bottom of the league lets see if we can start winning again next week…

Coll - 50 - 6,7,8,8,12,9 - Top score of the night, so start but great 2nd half performance.  Top Score

Chaps - 48 - 6,8,7,7,14,6 - Equalled his highest of the season, great 14 spare and a good middle section.  

Bod - 44 - 9,5,8,8,7,7 - Skittled well, unlucky with the way some of the pins fell which could added another 5 pins on his total.
Brit - 46 - 7,9,7,7,8,8 - Even with things on his mind (moving and meeting Tony Blair) he still put in a good skittling performance.

Hyder - 46 - 8,7,7,8,9,7 - lost his side bet with Coll over who would score the highest but still thundered down a respectable score.

Dex - 43 - 8,7,5,9,7,7 - ‘Scratchings man’ How the mighty gas fallen. Still it was a 43 which is high for a bottom score which showed how good the team played. Possibly dropped.


Steve - Irrelevant  - Played on the bottom and took the tote by beating Colls score.

Next Match:
Thurs 18th Jan  -  Away to AC Tomcats  at 
  The Pickettywitch - League match

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Thursday, 11 January 2007
League Game 14 - Stokies