SKITTLERS - 21-12-06
MATCH REPORT: 21-11-06 
League Match - Lost
AWAY vs Homer’s Homers from the Green Dragon

Back at our old stomping ground, one of our many home alleys in the past…. But, this did not help us. Homer’s had 2 good hands which we could not keep up with. We had a couple of spares during the night but still could not catch them.

Coll - 41 - 8,11,8,5,6,3 - Good start to the night but faded badly at the end.

Chaps - 34 - 4,2,8,6,7,7 - ‘Scratchings man’ and our own Santa (check the pics section) Great first balls all night just kept missing with his 2nd and 3rd.  Possibly dropped.

Clarky - 38 - 7,6,8,6,2,9 - Steady skittling by our Capt. 1 bad hand in the 5th but his never say die attitude is one we should all adopt. 
Bod - 38 - 5,7,8,5,7,6 - Still trying the spin technic sometimes working sometimes not…

Gra - 43 - 7,9,6,5,7,9 - Still throwing them down the alley. If he hits the front, only splinters are left to pick up.

Dex - 55 - 8,13,6,9,9,8 - Played well and has now taken top spot on the avarages. Top Score.

Next Match:
Thurs 4th Jan  -  Away to OUTCASTS at 
  League match

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the team and to the office for keeping this fantastic website up and running…
Thursday, 21 December 2006
League Game 13 - Homer’s Homer