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Chappers Blog 14/12/2006

Christmas is coming, Hyders getting fat, 
playing at the Milford what do ya think of that.
Where men are men and women are too
Beer comes in tins, dress code a tattoo.

A youth team to take on in the nomi plate.
The gobbiest sticker that makes us irate.
Flopem and dropem is the name they go by.
We’re liquor and poker and we’ll show you why.

First up on the alley is super sub Russ.
He wants to play off and get home with no fuss.
Too many balls and none of them match.
As he Dorsets his ass crack reveals too much thatch.

Ever cool Coll is trying his best.
Looks, speed and guile he’s put to the test.
With his collar erect he’s smacking em down
But they go through the gaps and it’s making him frown.

My turn on the alley that is just far too shiny
The pins far away they look bloody tiny.
First ball does big damage but fails to score.
I’m glad to make up and take the last four. 

Captain Bond, he goes next, he leads by example
That’s why we’re all shit cause the misses are ample.
He’s a little preoccupied, been clearing up spew.
Not the best pre match warm up for our captain to do.

Brit is penultimate, he doubts his technique.
He throws like his mother and his accuracy’s weak.
He looks for inspiration but he’s out of luck
He has the dubious honour of the team’s first duck.

With no Dex available it’s Big H on anchor. 
We’ll miss the obvious and go with tanker.
Dead Eyed Dick lobbing bombs in the air.
Smashing the pins, floor contact rare.

For all of our efforts we hit twenty-nine.
Time for the youngster to come out and shine
They look at our score and think they’re in heaven
They hit a good forty and were down by eleven.

Double hand time and not much to say. 
Robs plays at cameraman and gets in the way.
Similar efforts and scores that are matching.
Rob’s bag of shite and he’s buying the scratching.

In the bar the L&P boys do poker biz.
Except me & Hyder cause I’m doing his quiz.
Team profile news I’m player profile three.
My answers, well just wait and see.

Half way in the match and we’ve a surprise.
The youth team are fading we have a reprise.
We’ve won the last two hands and back in the game.
If we could just take it seriously and go large again.

Rob is struggling he’s made ten all night.
Hyder sings Rocky so bring on the fight.
He inspires the Brit to throw balls his way.
Side bets on his score but he can’t make H pay.

In skittles hero is just too strong a word
And praise for Big H at this level absurd.
But two stonking spares (though one was assisted).
Left them 54 to win and defeat was resisted.

It may not look pretty, our efforts quite sad.
Scores low enough even Dexter could add.
We’re in the next round, but more important a win.
 Results for L & P were beginning to look thin.
Thursday, 14 December 2006
Chappers Mind - Blog 14-12-06