SKITTLERS - 26-10-06
MATCH REPORT: 26-10-06

Home against the Poachers from The Royal Standard. A good victory and we are now heading the right way up the league. 

Coll - 55 - 9,8,6,9,9,14 - Even with his ‘Wonky Arm’ On another night this would have been a tote winning performance.

Chaps - 40 - 7,6,8,8,8,3 - Steady game, was heading for a highh 40’s but let himself down on the last hand. Possibly dropped

Clarky - 45 - 6,8,6,9,7,9 - Fresh from Captain Cup final ‘Bond’ played well but will rule the spare chances missed.

Bod - 49 - 8,7,9,9,8,8 - Now becoming a very consistent skittler. After a couple of low score at the start of the season Bod is climbing the averages every week.
Hyder - 61 - 17,13,7,6,9,9 - With a point to prove Gra starts the night showing us all why he is top of the averages (on this easyish alley)  Top Score.

Dex - 48 - 8,7,7,9,9,8 - Skittled unnoticed as anchorman, rest of the team did there job, no real pressure to perform but still upped his average.

Thurs 2nd Nov  -  Away to Rollers - Kings Head, Merriott
Thursday, 26 October 2006
League Game 7 - Poachers