SKITTLERS - 14-09-06
Lee Collett, back down to earth this week with 43 and buying his first Scratchings of the season.

Lee Chapman (Mr Blog) lowest score this season for him with a 41 but showing signs of better things to come.

Rob gets his highest score so far of 44 (nice shirt by the way!)

Steve, drove the Battle Bus this week. No Hyder (Always seems to miss the hard alley!) so Steve gets the nod and comes down with a 43.

Mark starts his first league game but with a disappointing 39. 
A 2 on the 5th hand was a low point.

Neil was top score this week but 1 pin short of taking his first tote of the season. Even with 2 spares, 9 and 11 are not going to help the cause.

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Thursday, 14 September 2006
League Game 2 - Stokies