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No quite sulking but still slightly pissed
Lost the play off to Hyder and I wasn’t missed.
Coll’s lucky sevens meant his head was down.
Captain took tote but still wore a frown.
Bod did his diary and dressed for the cold.
Rob was on fire with skittling bold. 
Hyder still lobbing in a cardi of plaid.
Dex spreading gossip about the barmaid.
We played in our derby against the old spuds
And again were the ones looking like duds.
Upstaged by old Gager who hit pins a plenty.
Doctors cup potential with his bloody seventy.
He carried his team of infirm, bald & gobby.
Relegation for us? or perhaps a new hobby?
Thursday, 25 January 2007
Chappers Mind - Blog 23-01-07