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Tonight needed to go with a bang,
Instead it was a sizzle
We bagged two points by match default,
They ‘ll say it was a swizzle.
We still turned up to play our game
The stalwarts that we are.
We had to play for averages
And have an excuse for a jar.
Martin the landlord was upset
At the thought of us relegated.
A special treat just for us
He got the alley fumigated.
Some pesky bugs had been discovered
The alley was infected
With larve, moths or pubic lice
The carpet had been digested.
A quick inspection of the floor
We decided to still play.
A big cash prize before our eyes
We wouldn’t stay away.
Split into teams of four a side
To try and help the fun
But with that much cash up for grabs
 Its down to one on one.
Cheering every gutting miss like
They’ve hit a whopping spare.
Trying distraction tactics
And being plain unfair.

Coll was voted captain
By a landslide majority
Little did he know tonight
This would be his only victory.
Bod came late as usual
Dressed as only Bowditch can
He’s been getting in some practice
For his latest Iron man.
Hyder had been in training
Scoffing chips and battered beans.
He picked up the top money
Showed his butt cheeks too obscene.
Me I bolted my 1st spare chance
After thrusting like a fool
Good job I took the 2nd one
And took a tenner which was cool.
Lord Rob was looking rested after
His proposal escapades.
Now he is a courting and
Looking for bridesmaids
Now Dexter body popper 
Went looking for the money
Stuffed it up early doors
With a four that wasn’t funny
  Old retiring captain Clarky
Let his son play just for fun
Got beat to the last fiver 
And whats worse by only one.

We still played chase the ace 
At the half way in the night
Missing our traditions
It just wouldn’t have been right.
Bod bought scratchings
Nuts Doritos and Bacon Fries
Hyder bagged a second bag
Down to Collet telling lies.
Martin cooked us yummy grub
Burgers Baps and chips
Tom won the cards so was minted
When added to his tips.
After all of this we still don’t know
Exactly whats our fate.
Did we do enough to avoid the drop
Or did we leave it all too late?
Were waiting on the grapevine
We have to wait and see
  Coll make sure our applications in 
Or we will be down in Divi 3.
Thursday, 19 April 2007
Chappers Mind - Blog 19-04-07