SKITTLERS - 12-10-06
MATCH REPORT: 12-10-06

Away to the Tintinhull Boys. Another tough away alley and yes, Hyder is on late’s... (How to keep a good average No.3). Tried our best but those pins just would not fall for us. Rob (fresh from two weeks, umm! rest?!?) had the only spare on our team but alas put the third ball straight through... We battled on and they did collapse on their last hand (31) but still not enough for us to win it.

Coll - 36 - 7,5,7,6,5,6 - Possibly dropped for the next game. Hard alley and hard going, nomi player just did not have the roll of the pins

Chaps - 40 - 7,7,6,9,8,3 - Steady game, was in for a shout at top score but let himself down at the end. (lucozade went to his head!)

Clarky - 37 - 5,8,5,6,7,6 - Would not roll for him tonight. A spare chance missed. Maybe his mind was on the Captain Cup final next week... 

Brit - 43 - 9,5,6,9,8,6 - Fresh, tanned, rested! Promising start, faltered a bit then a bolted spare and a steady finish

Bod - 45 - 8,8,7,7,6,9 - Top Score. Played through the pain barrier after picking a fight with the ball shoot. (Anybody find the bit of skin from his finger in the end?) Starting to find his groove and playing well.
Dex - 43 - 7,6,8,6,7,9 - Stumbled along on the bottom of the board. Sussed the alley by the 6th hand but by then is was over.

Thurs 19 Oct  -  Captains Cup Final - Headquarters
  Stoke WMC - top alley
Thursday, 12 October 2006
League Game 6 - Tintinhull boys