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Due to complaints that some of the truth in previous blogs has hurt and that others cant read fast enough I am experimenting with new Blog lite format. So here goes.

Pre game
•	Arrived had Henrys.
•	Hyder is wearing flip flops again to much astonishment
•	Hyder is wearing a new L & P t-shirt (can I have one in extra large please)
•	Dex announces L & P logo has changed to wind up Hyder.
•	Rob trying to out Hollyoak Coll in the fashion stakes.

1st Hand
•	Coll 2 – Hahah – Me 7 – Steve N Rob Steady – Big H spare 12 – Dex 7
•	42 total.
•	Out to bar for football talk.

2nd & 3rd Hand
•	Coll shit - Buys scratchings for 2nd week running.
•	Me 7 & 7 – Consistent
•	Steve Steady (Missed a spare chance)
•	Rob opened his spare account.10
•	Hyder and Neil are neck and neck with Neil returning to ickle spares (12)
•	Hyder sings along to tears on my pillow and shockingly knows far too many words.
•	Martin the landlord wets himself over his own funny stories.
•	Bod turns up in the end having fought through heavy traffic on Preston Road.

Half time.

•	Bod is wearing silver bling from pack Monday fair.
•	Eat Colls scratchings
•	Play Chase ace – Dex is stitched up and out first two hands.

Hands 3 & 4

•	We are losing but not by much.
•	Coll is still shit
•	Bod tells tales of how he is teaching his 5 year old to play poker.
•	I hit 8 & a very unlucky 4. Homo on the opposition is beating me.
•	Steves matching Shaggy
•	Robs looking good both on and off the alley.
•	Hyder is Hyder
•	Dex is chasing Hyder.
•	Back in bar Rob refuses to play Newmarket.(Toys and pram)
•	We play 7 card brag.
•	We take the mick out of each other.
•	We think we are going to lose this.

Last hand

•	Col is bottom on 38 but not dropped as we have a personnel shortage next week.
•	I finish on disappointing 41
•	Steve looks good for 48
•	Rob finishes on a season best 45
•	Hyder & Dex need play off for tote 51 each. Dex wins in tense 2 round battle.
•	They need 42 to win.

•	Beer sinks in and it starts to degenerate.
•	We dine on Quiche Lorraine & Turkey Rolls.
•	Bod takes pictures of the red & brown sauce bottles because he thinks they look like dirty holes from up close.
•	Bod takes pictures of everyone and everything filtered by his pint of Henrys
•	Chris comes in and announces we have won by 6.
•	We don’t believe him and have to check.
•	Confirmed we have our first league points of the season.
•	Happy we go home to our ladies to share in our joy.
Thursday, 21 September 2006
Chappers Mind - Blog LITE 21-9-06