SKITTLERS - 19-04-07
MATCH REPORT:19-04-07 
Last League Game - WIN by Walk over
home vs Homer’s Homers from The Green Dragon, 

Homer’s Homers failure to find a full team to play, forfeited the match. this gave us the much need 2 point. 
We are now in the lap of the gods to whether we stay up on go down…
But we still had to play… Averages to finish, scratchings to buy, tote money to win.
With a BUMPER tote of £25 for the winner, £10 for 2nd and £5 for third, all to play for…

Coll - 45 - 8,8,6,5,7,6- Start well enough but fizzed out at the end and to finish off, gets voted in as our New Captain for Season 07/08

Chaps - 51 - 7,8,9,6,6,15 - Fresh from his first tote win, suddenly finding form on the last 2 games… 2nd place £10.

Rob - 40 - 9,7,5,5,6,8 - Well rested and starting well but… maybe the pressure of marriage or Jet-lag…
Steve - 48 - 15,7,6,7,6,7 - Great start but struggled to keep the pace up. Losing 3rd place to his son and bowing out as our Captain, could have been a better night…

Bod - 44 - 7,7,5,9,8,8 - ‘Scratchings Man’ Late arrival as usual. Not a great start but good 2nd half performance.

Gra - 56 - 8,7,16,7,9,9 - Hyder finishes off the season in style. £25 richer for just hussing a ball as hard as you can without it bouncing… Top Score

Dex - 48 - 4,7,9,8,9,9 - Big money night a what a poor start. Always playing catchup and missing a spare chance on the 5th, well…

Tom - 49 - 7,13,6,7,8,8 - Surprise of the night came from our sticker. 3rd place £5 and beating his Dad (Steve) by 1 pin… (and he won the cards money, and he had a tip…

Season over for us
Getting knockout the cup last week finishes our year.
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Thursday, 19 April 2007
League Game 25 - HOMER’S HOMERS