SKITTLERS - 02-11-06
MATCH REPORT: 02-11-06

Away to the Rollers at the King’s Head, Merriott. Short alley with an annoying pillar in the middle of the room... A four way tussle for the tote. A new sticker called Tom joined us for the first time and was on double bobble!
Also the King’s Head has our vote for Top Skittlers Grub so far with Faggots, Chips and Mushy Peas...

Coll - 53 - 6,15,8,7,8,9 - With a well restricted run-up, played well and was top score. Top Score.

Clarky - 33 - 6,4,5,5,7,6 - Bond, didn’t quite live up to his name tonight. Playing under pressure with family watching on... Scratching winner 2 weeks on the trot. Possibly dropped

Bod - 42 - 9,8,6,8,5,6 - Also struggled this week. Still sporting his long Skater shorts even when it’s -4 outside. 
Brit - 49 - 5,16,9,6,7,6 - Starting to to move up the averages with the help of a spare. Slow start, peaked, and dipped. 

Hyder - 52 - 15,5,8,8,9,9 - Big ‘H’ sporting his Woolly Cardigan, took a lot of flack but let his skittles do the talking.

Dex - 50 - 7,9,6,7,15,6 - A spare in the 5th pulled him into the 50s but apart from that average skittling. 

Thurs 9th Nov  -  Away to Stoke Rangers - 
  Stoke WMC (Old Alley)
Thursday, 2 November 2006
League Game 8 - Rollers