SKITTLERS - 30-11-06
MATCH REPORT: 30-11-06 
League Match - Lost
Away vs Six Amigos at the Coker Club, West Coker

We were holding on for most of the match, then we collapsed on the 5th hand with a 32 and could not recover. Our 6th loss in a row… To be fair, it was a hard alley to skittle. Chappers gets top spot for the first time on his own and Dex, well, 33…

Clarky - 40 - 9,7,5,8,4,7 - With Coll dropped, Steve takes on the pressure of 1st man. Played well, just unlucky with how the pins were falling like the rest of us.

Chaps - 43 - 7,8,8,7,6,7 - Rested last week. The only person to up his averages. This alley just did not faze him at all.  Top Score.

Bod - 41 - - Played well with just one bad hand in the 5th stopping him from challenging for top spot.
Brit - 39 - 7,4,9,8,5,6 - Confident after his last 2 weeks of 50+’s. Kept swapping his balls… just could not get into the groove of the alley.

Gra - 39 - 9,2,8,6,8,6 - Throwing them down like no tomorrow, can take out 7 with ease, nearly always having a spare chance, but with a 2 and no spares falling, hard to make it back up.

Dex - 33 - 6,7,6,5,5,4 - ‘Scratchings man’ Do you stand in the middle, right or left on the alley. Tried them all and failed. Equaled his lowest score this season. Possibly dropped.

Next Match:
Thurs 7th Nov  -  Away to CORINTHIANS from 
Thursday, 30 November 2006
League Game 11 - Six Amigos