SKITTLERS - 18-01-07
MATCH REPORT: 18-01-07 
League Match - WON

Yes, you have read the heading correctly - WE WON. Our last win in the league was 26th Oct 06, 9 games ago and this has been a long wait. Playing on what can only describe as the worst condition an alley can get into. Water damage and a launch pad in front of the first pin. (see January pics section) But both teams had to play on it. Being a long trek to the alley and to save valuable drinking time, we played the hands as a 2-2-2 instead of 1-2-2-1 (tech speak).
The turnaround has begun… 

Coll - 44 - 5,6,13,6,7,7 - Slow start but a 13 spare boosted his score and kept him away from the bottom.

Chaps - 38 - 8,2,6,5,8,9 - ‘Scratchings man’ Good week last week but his form dipped this. 2 and 6 meant he is in playoff next week to see who gets in.   Possibly dropped.

Clarky - 43 - 6,8,6,9,9,5 - Like alot of the players tonight, missing the front pin with the first ball means you need to skittle great with just 2 and Steve did. Great finish. 
Brit - 40 - 6,6,8,6,6,8 - Skittled off early doors but leaving us with an 8 in the bag on the last hand, boosted our moral.

Hyder - 38 - 7,7,5,8,5,7 - Big ‘H’ could bowl for England. Throwing them hard but missing the wickets. Down in the playoff with Chappers to see if he will play against his Dad next week.  Possibly dropped.

Dex - 53 - 8,11,6,7,15,6 - With Bod not making it tonight, Dex was called back into the team after a bad night last week. He bangs in 2 spares and takes the tote (cheers Bod). Top Score


Next Match:
Thurs 25th Jan  -  Home to Jacket Spuds - League

This is the game we all want to play in and win!
Our local derby and a very long history between both teams…
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Thursday, 18 January 2007
League Game 16 - AC Tomcats