SKITTLERS - 28-09-06

First local derby against the Jacket Spuds, Con Club.
They have beaten us again. Steady play by them and disappointing play by our high standards.

Coll - 42 - Steady game, unlucky first balls made it hard going.

Chaps - 38 - Again, steady game, nothing higher than a 7’s or lower than a 5.

Clarky - 40 - Captain tried to keep us in the game with good hands up till the last and tripped in with a 2

Bod - 49 - Bod is back. Joins the Spare Club with a 13 and takes top score. We needed more Bods that night.

Hyder - 41 - Flip flop his way to a 41 and losing a £5 to Queenie on a side bet.
Dex - 34 - Hit the seasons lowest, let the team and himself down. Then flagged the wrong Nippy Bus and had to walk home (well top of the road then Clarky picked him up)

Thursday 5th October, Home against Let Em Roll...
Thursday, 28 September 2006
League Game 4 - Jacket Spuds