SKITTLERS - 21-09-06

Coll - From a promising 60 on first first match to an all time low of 38 and with Rob out Hollyoaking him things need to be turned around and quick.

Chaps - Played very consistently only let down with a 4 on the 5th hand - 41

Clarky - Our inspirational captain is back on form and chasing those spare - 47

Brit - Shaky start but joined the Spare Club on the 5th hand with a Dex speciality mini spare 10 - 45

Hyder - Consistent skittling again, 12 spare on the first hand, finishing with a joint top score of 51

Dex - King of the mini spares, has a 12 spare on the 2nd and finishes joint top score with Hyder on 51.

Tote Playoff - Hyder and Dex decide to have a playoff for the rollover tote. Hyder went first hitting a 9, Dex answers back with a 9. We go to a 2nd hand playoff. Hyder faulters under pressure 6, Dex soaks it up with a 8.

If we have a full team on Tuesday for our second round Stan Sparks Cup, Coll could be dropped.

West Coker Club against Six Amigos on Tuesday 26th for round 2 of the cup and then on thursday 28th, Con Club for our first local derby against Jacket Spuds.
Thursday, 21 September 2006
League Game 3 - A.C. Tomcats