SKITTLERS - 07-12-06
MATCH REPORT: 07-11-06 
League Match - Lost
Home vs Corinthians by 21 pins

Won the first hand , but that was all. The difference between the sides was a spare on every hand by the visitors and we just kept falling short. But good skittling by the whole team and with only 1 more league match until we are mid season, it’s time to turn losses in to wins. We are now trying to avoid the drop…

Coll - 46 - 8,8,8,9,8,5 - A good night for Coll, missed a couple of spare chances but all pins were nomi pins, looking good for next week.

Chaps - 45 - 7,7,6,9,8,8 - ‘Scratchings man’ he may of been but had the highest 2nd half score. I think he just needed a few beers to loosen up.  

Russ - 48 - 8,8,7,7,9,9 - First appearance for Russ this season. A Dorset style skittlers and psycho stare, scared the pins in to falling down…
Clarky - 43 - 7,9,7,5,8,7 - Good skittling but the frustration is building, we play well the opposition just plays that bit better. Possibly dropped.

Bod - 45 - 14,5,7,6,6,7 - Arrived late, but what an entrance. Play leveled off after that but good scoring.

Dex - 59 - 13,15,9,6,8,8 - Out of the blocks with a bang… played well and his highest score of the season. Top Score.

Next Match:
Thurs 14th Nov  -  Away to ??? from ???? - 
  2nd Rd Nomination Plate
Thursday, 7 December 2006
League Game 12 - Corinthians