SKITTLERS - 22-03-07
MATCH REPORT:22-03-07 
League Match - WON by 30
home vs Six Amigos from West Coker Club, 

Yes, a win and by 30 pins. 4 players in the 50’s. Super Sub Russ was not quite up to super status. Hopefully this win will pull us away from the relegation battle but its not over yet. We need wins all the way.

Coll - 50 - 6,6,8,9,6,15 - ‘Controversial Scratchings’ Nice spare to finish off the night.

Chaps - 50 - 7,6,13,3,7,14 - 2 great spares from ‘The Chaps’ dodgy 3 but hits a 50.

Clarky - 53 - 8,7,17,9,3,9 - Great skittling from the Capt. Leading the team to a great victory. Top Score
Russ - 31 - 4,6,6,6,3,6 - Super Sub, bought in at the last minute. Not really prepared. Possibly dropped

Gra - 43 - 8,8,9,6,5,7 - Good skittling, faded slightly in the second half.

Dex - 52 - 8,8,9,9,8,10 - Played well. Small spare on the last made him miss out on the tote.

Next League Match:
Thurs 5th April  -  Away to Corinthians at Beehive
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Friday, 23 March 2007
League Game 24 - Six Amigos