SKITTLERS - 09-11-06
MATCH REPORT: 09-11-06

Lost away to the Stoke Rangers at the league headquaters, Stoke WMC on the ‘old alley’.
The pins just would not fall kindly for us. Only Chaps managed to convert his spare chance. We have now only managed to win 3 out of our 9 league matches but remain unbeaten in Stan Sparks Cup with the 1st round of the Nomination Cup next week.

Coll - 41 -- Lots of swearing and still has his ‘Wonky Arm’

Chaps - 48 -- Back from being dropped last week. Hit the only spare of 14 and also hit his highest score to date. Joint Top Score.

Clarky - 40 -- Drove the Battle Bus out. Tried to inspire us but we could not deliver.

Bod - 36 -- Struggled again this week. Scratchings winner and hit his lowest score to date. Possibly dropped
Brit - 39 -- This should of been his alley, but was unlucky on many hands just not falling for him.  

Dex - 48 -- Played consistently, missed spare chances like everyone else but finished level with Chappers.  Joint Top Score

Next Match:
Thurs 16th Nov  -  Away to Skittlers Inc. - Foresters Arms, East Coker - 1st Round of the Nomination Cup
Thursday, 9 November 2006
League Game 9 - Stoke Rangers