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Chappers Blog 08/03/07

Its early and the rooster ring tone is off already. Dex is desperate to play tonight and is doing a roll call hoping that someone will be unavailable for selection and he will get a game. Sadly for him but positively for us the team seem highly motivated today. We all want to play for the precious points and we are all keen to take the tote home in doing so. Hyder has laid down the biggest gauntlet asking for bets and advising you vil lose. Captain confidently takes him on offering £1per pin difference between them. We are in the Armoury waiting for the Stoke rangers when some off the players from The Bolters team turn up. A sudden panicked look at the fixtures book shows it is them not us in the wrong place and they rush off to the Coker club as the Stoke Boys arrive.

We need a return to form after last weeks unfortunate defeat. Coll is opening tonight and does so with almost a flopper leaving a wobbling single pin. What a start. Its just a shame very few noticed as the big screen had been switched on in the alley and the tail end of the Newcastle Game was on. Coll missed the single pin spare chance and tidied up for 9. I followed with my own scuffed spare chance and copy catted Coll with 9. Clarky worried Big H with for 7, Bod who was here in time for the start of the match delayed for 6, Rob returned to his favoured 8 and Hyder closed the hand owing Clarky £2.

Out to the bar to find all the tables taken with people sat watching the other big screen footy so hover at the bar. Coll notices that Bubbly Barmaid Becs is smiling like a goodun. He wonders what she is taking and then tries to offer her his own supply. Its his new Granddad Jacket that makes him look like an extra off Grand Theft Auto that seems to have affected him. Again as usual he claims they will all be wearing one on Hollioaks next week although Last of the summer wine would do. Not much topical conversation as the football is on.

Back in the alley and it’s back to business. We are 1 up on the 1st hand. Coll starts with a 6 and I copy again. Clarky continues to put pressure on Hyder with a 9 (£4 up this hand). Bod dawdles to the alley as there is an ad for Prison Break on the telly that has grabbed his attention. He is becoming a bit of a looky likey to the main guy on the programme but nobody cant tell you his name as nobody else watches it. Rob confesses to watching Hugh Grant rom coms and not even getting a promise out of it and Hyder has to feel Bod to check out what he is packing. Mid 40 hands on the board and we head to the bar.

We manage to find a table. Eat Bod’s scratching and play chase the ace which I do very nicely on. A 2 payer in the sudden death quarterfinal to give me an automatic victory. The Tottenham game has now come on the big screen so again conversation is minimal.

Halfway stage back in the alley and it hasn’t gone well. We is down losing on both the last two hands. We need to turn it around. Sadly Coll and I are still matching each other pin for pin in a mediocre contest. Clarky is plugging away with average pins. Bod struggles to shine, rob stays steady on his 8s or close. The Roby Roby Roby chant changes to Blobby Blobby Blobby as big H takes centre stage. He is thinking about the game, the team and the cash he owes Steve when whompfh he has the most controversial spare of the season. His first ball is a flopper that knocks all the pins down but in a weird fluke to rolling pins collide and the back pin jumps back up and resets itself on the spot. Hyder is just about to sulk in that I don’t believe it kind of way when the gallant and fair opposition sticker calls it as down and a spare. Steve who has just seen his pin profit vanish in one whompfh puts on a brave face but I am sure that inside it is now him saying I don’t believe it. Hyder follows up with a further spare and the money is now flowing in his direction.  

Hyder going large was never going to be enough though tonight. To many questions were asked of us we couldn’t answer. Did we miss Dex as anchor? Were we put off by the telly in the alley? Did we miss two many spare chances? Did Robs empty sack make a difference? Did Hyder really say that about the cinema? Did we really get Burger and chips for our food? Is Bods scooter a health and safety issue? Did I pick up on the Brag as well as the Chase the Ace? What size shoes does the sticker up wear? Why does Coll insist on claiming he is 24 when he just had his 35 birthday? Will we ever get the SWAGS online? What is lost all about? How the hell did we lose by 34? How many rooms does Robs house have? Will we survive in Division one this season? Stay tuned.
Thursday, 8 March 2007
Chappers Mind - Blog 08-03-07
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