Mobile So much more on the site can now be updated on the move. The Pics section and Pick of the week, all Fixtures and Results can be updated anywhere to keep you up to date with the Liquor and Poker Skittle Team

Stats are back and BIGGER than ever and available for all to see

Google Maps has all the away team venues, you can see us in action

Blog will continue to show results and any other interesting info throughout the season

Pics new page this time from Shutterfly which will allow me to upload pics quicker and easier

Twitter will have all the ‘on the night’ action plus images on Twitpic and Shozu

Youtube site will hopefully start getting some more videos to look at

Misc page is back and ready to be fill with all sorts of wonderful things to do, watch and read

Spare Bingo rolls over for the 2nd time as no takers again last season, will anyone get the Full House!

Any suggestions you have please feel free to email me


Liquor and Poker website is entering is 6th year and going from strength to strength…

In our first year it was just a Liquor and Poker skittle team site.

In our 2nd year we also hosted the Stoke and District Thursday Night Skittle League site. With all 3 divisions League and Cup fixtures available  online.

In our 3rd outing we continued and build on both sites making them the envy of all Skittle teams 

Our 4th Year on the Web. More Stats, more pictures and other stuff added throughout the season. Twitter was a late addition to last years site and will continue to bring on the night updates.

Check out the old sites, pictures and stats from previous seasons. Choose below:

Liquor and Poker skittles Season 06-07

Liquor and Poker skittles Season 07-08

Liquor and Poker skittles Season 08-09

Liquor and Poker skittles Season 09-10

Liquor and Poker skittles Season 10-11



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