The Yeovil Summer Skittle League comprises of 5 Divisions.

Each Division contains 8 teams.

League Fixtures take place on Monday nights at various alleys in and around Yeovil (within a 5 mile radius).

Two points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw, losing teams to get zero points.

At the end of the season the team in First position will be awarded as Division Winners.

Also at the end of the Skittles Season the bottom two teams from Division One through to Division Four will be relegated next Season and the top two teams from Division Two through to Division Five will be promoted next Season.


Welcome to the
Yeovil Summer Skittle League

Yeovil Summer League Contacts:

Hon Life President

P. V. Beauchamp Esq

Vice Presidents

R.A.O.B Club, Old Barn Club,

Fleur-de-Lys, Liberal Club, G.W.R.S.A.,

Labour Club, Snooker Club,

P. Spencer Esq., R. Lodge Esq.,

J. Freke Esq., A. Samways,
B. Biggs Esq.,

Yeovil Sports & Social Club


Yeovil Sports & Social Club


D. Walters Esq. Tel 429456

Results Secretary:

A. Martin Esq. Tel: 476129

Hon Secretary/Treasurer:

B. Biggs Esq. Tel: 433191


Wednesday 29th June &
17th August at 8pm

Editor: Neil Dexter

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