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Dear Neil - Just had to get my owner to feedback to your glorious website. Its great. Could there be some articles on Dog chews or good walks around the Yeovil area. Please send my woofie thanks to the Big H for letting me sniff his bits. He seemed to enjoy it and it cheered him up after my lot beat you. For the record I would like to state that I didn’t do a doggie bottom burp. Licking the empty larger bottles normally gives me woof wind but I have a feeling it was the young looking guy called Coll that was blaming me for his own farting fun. Must go I’ve some cold Duck a la orange to finish off from last night.

Woof Woof.

Goldie lookin pooch.


We had an email from Sharron Ryan, the Landlady at the Kings Head in Merriott,

which reads:

hello Neil. heard we were on your website, VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!! Glad you enjoyed the food, your team were a pleasure, almost sorry you lost! Regards, Sharron (landlady and cook at the Kings Head, Merriott)

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